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Max Holder GmbH


The new Holder S-series: stronger and more flexible than ever before

11. October 2017

Holder once again sets a mark in the class of the articulated vehicles. For the first time at the inter airport 2017, the Germany-based company is presenting its new S-series, which is already available with a Stage-5-ready / Tier-4-final engine as S 100 (100 hp), S 115 (115 hp) or S 130 (130 hp). The unprecedented engine power combined with the mechanical front PTO and the three-dimensional front lift, as well as up to 120 litres of hydraulic power, make the S series the strongest articulated vehicle on the market. Permanent four-wheel drive, dual drive as well as hydrostatic wheel load compensation and mechanical differential lock round off the power pack. Further common advantages of the Holder system vehicles, such as manoeuvrability and directional stability, as well as the extraordinary working and operating comfort are, of course, still given. New features include the touch display for all hydraulic functions and LED lighting.

The generous comfort cabin with air-conditioning, 360° circumferential visibility and air-cushioned driver's seat is available in three versions: one-man cabin, two-man cabin with full passenger seat and one-man cabin with sliding and rotating seat, which, for an example, can be brought into the optimum position during working mode.

Above that, the flexible system is also adequate for multifunctional applications just the same as all Holder solutions. With the respective attachments, it can be switched to winter maintenance operation, sweeping or grounds care in just a few steps. Particularly attractive is the vehicle, especially for applications where the demands on man and machine are enormously high, for example at airports or in winter sports regions.

The new Holder S-series replaces its predecessor S 990 / S 1090 starting from January 2018, which is no longer available due to European exhaust legislation.