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Max Holder GmbH


The last Multipark leaves the line - Space for the new C-series

23. February 2011

Since 1996 the Holder-Multipark-series has been produced. All in all about 6000 machines of the series were made. Now a 15-year-old success story comes to an end. Instead of clinging to the past, the company concentrates on the restart. "Strong, slim, brilliant"- the new C-series offers unique opportunities and design possibilities. Not only the series shall not fear competition, but in matters of quality, efficiency and delivery reability Holder wants to set a high scale. To meet this demands many processes were set in motion early. From extensive analysis, about the creation of a request catalog to the production of the prototypes, the employees of the company became involved profitably and faced all challenges creativly. The Max Holder GmbH set itself the objective to make a quantum leap. Already at the first presentations of the prototypes the enthusiasm of employees, dealers and customers was equally indescribable. The orders confirm that the interest on the new models is enormously high. Feedbacks after presentations and demonstrations support that. With these machines in power range from 50 to 70 PS Holder has created "the advanced and most effective vehicle type in its class." says managing director Vorig.