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Max Holder GmbH


The customer center - A circuit through the time

30. October 2010

Since the opening of the customer center in June 2010 numerous visitors seize the chance to get to know the company in a special way. During a visit the customer gains deep insight to the history and actual situation of the Max Holder GmbH since 1888. Beginning with the first equipment after the foundation of the company, like for instance the first automatic knapsack sprayer, over the four-wheel-tractors from the 20th century, to the point of the current vehicles, the visitor pass through the 122 year old history of the company in the museum of the center. But that is not all, among an appealing presentation of the company in the generous training room and the inspection of the whole factory, the highlight of the day follows: Driving with a Holder vehicle on the new applied demopark. The customer center raises high enthusiasm, thus Holder salutes more than 100 visitors in a month. Also, you are always welcome! Please arrange a visiting date with your dealer or one of our outdoor manager.