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Sweeper-suction combination SX 1200 for the Holder B and C series

The robust and highly efficient sweeping machine impresses with its enormous reach and user friendliness.

The new standard in sweeping

The robust and easy-to-operate SX 1200 sweeper-suction combination exclusively for the Holder B and C series combines optimal sweeping results with the performance and reach of a single-purpose vehicle. It produces minimal fine particulate emissions and received the best award in the PM10 and PM2.5 test as part of the EUnited certification.

The suction nozzle coverage offers a sweeping width of 2100 mm. The individual brush control with parallel shift means that corners and parking spaces can be swept efficiently, as well as many other comparable potential applications. The automatic tracking when turning corners increases the area efficiency and, at the same time, increases the comfort and safety for the driver. Furthermore, a weed brush can be added to the system.

The hopper, with a gross volume of 1200 l, and the 220 l fresh water tank guarantee a wide reach. The intelligent water recirculation system ensures that the circulating water in the dirt tank flows back into the dirty water tank and is moved into the suction hose for dust binding. The integrated high-pressure cleaner with automatic hose reel can be used to clean the vehicle or difficult-to-reach objects.

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Equipment: sweeper-suction combination SX 1200

  • Robust aluminium container with usable container volume of 0.8 m³
  • Noise and fuel reduction since the maximum suction is reached at just 2000 rpm
  • Optimum dust binding thanks to the intelligent circulating water system: The circulating water in the dirt tank flows back into the dirty water tank and is moved into the suction hose for dust binding
  • Can be used for extended working periods even in dry conditions thanks to its large fresh water tank (220 l)
  • Integrated high-pressure cleaner with automatic hose reel for cleaning the vehicle or difficult-to-reach objects, 15 l/min at 150 bar
  • Hand-held suction hose with fresh water injection
  • Rear-view camera for safety and an overview of your surroundings when sweeping
  • Flexibly adaptable sweeper with individual brush control and parallel control; for example, to sweep out parking spaces
  • Protection of the brushes and improved sweeping results thanks to the left- and right-hand independent hydraulic brush relief
  • Right- or left-hand brush optionally available as a weed brush with hydraulic inclination adjustment
  • Optimum dust binding thanks to the integrated fresh water nozzles on the brushes and on the suction mouth
  • Maximum sweeping width even when the suction mouth is mostly covered and optimum collection of swept material thanks to the 74 cm-wide stainless steel suction mouth
  • Simple collection of litter and leaves thanks to the electric coarse debris flap
  • Single-handed operation: All operating elements are clearly arranged on the armrest
Hopper Hopper, gross 1.2 m³
  Hopper, net 0.8 m³
  Fresh water tank 220 l
  Recycled water ca. 150 l
  Total height incl. carrier vehicle min. 2130 mm

Total outer width incl. carrier vehicle

min. 1130 mm

Brush system Plate brush diameter 900 mm

Sweeping width for suction mouth coverage

2100 mm

Carrier vehicles Holder B 55 SC  
  Holder C 55 SC  
  Holder C 65 SC / TC  
  Holder C 70 SC /TC