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Max Holder GmbH


Surface cleaning with high pressure and hot water

Holder MUVO with high pressure cleaning machine CRISTAL CH 3000 HP

25. September 2019

The CRISTAL CH 3000 HP high-pressure cleaning machine, developed exclusively for the Holder MUVO, offers dust-free and pore-deep cleaning of a wide variety of surfaces without the use of chemicals. The high water pressure of 250 bar and a water flow of 25 liters per minute guarantee the effective removal of heavy impurities such as grease or tire abrasion (for example on runway lightning systems) as well as the gentle and environmentally friendly cleaning of natural stone and concrete.

The CRISTAL cleans with two rotating spray arms under a front-mounted cleaning hood. Including lateral offset, a total cleaning width of 2300 mm is possible. The capacity of the water tank is 2100 liters. Optionally, a drainage system can be installed. An additional increase in cleaning performance is possible through the use of hot water with a working temperature of up to 90 degrees. For manual operation, a manual high-pressure cleaning hood and a double-jet high-pressure lance are available. The hose holder mounted on the roof of the water tank can be rotated 360 degrees.

In addition to the high-pressure cleaning system, the implement carrier vehicle also matches perfectly airports’ requirements on aprons. The compact dimensions of the vehicle allow flexible use even in cramped situations, the transport speed of 60 km/h allows fast arrival and departure to the place of use. In addition, the MUVO, like all Holder vehicles, can be used multifunctional.