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Max Holder GmbH


The smartest sweepers do more than just sweep

Snow sweeping in winter, leaf collecting in autumn, weed control, mowing and irrigation in spring and summer - our Holders accompany you 365 days a year.

Smart Holder sweepers

Can your sweeper do this?

Holder's professional sweeping machines meet the highest of demands. Unlike ordinary sweepers, a Holder tractor offers you a wide variety of high quality applications that extend the capabilities of your sweeper: winter maintenance, lawn care, transport tasks, and more. So, make a smart decision and choose the high-performance sweeper with extraordinary versatility!

Holder X 45: various applications

Four seasons. One Holder.

The idea behind the Holder system vehicles is as simple as it is convincing: A powerful implement carrier in combination with attachments from our attachment partners allow for professional all-year-round use. For the plan to work is mainly down to three things:

  • Firstly, because we have decades of experience in municipal applications.
  • Secondly, our intensive collaboration with the best attachment manufacturers.
  • Thirdly, wWe are able to perfectly harmonize and match vehicle and attachment.

You will feel it – 365 days a year.

Holder C-series: various applications

Perfect for year-round use

All models of the Holder product range offer multifunctionality on the highest level - thanks to their technical standard features, such as the three-dimensional movement of the front lift that adapts the attachment to the ground conditions or working situations.

The standardized front lift allows the usage of even heavy equipment and can be lifted and lowered from the outside. Due to the external operation, mounting and unmounting of the attachments is possible without a second person. So they can quickly and easily be retrofitted with multi-season, multi-purpose attachments, from winter maintenance, to summer gardening and sweeping applications.

Holder MUVO: various applications

Holder offers genuine multifunctionality

Do you want to perform various different applications? Many system vehicles can do this. But genuine multi-functionality means that the results delivered within every single application are on a par with those of a single-purpose vehicle. And this is an area in which Holder has no rival. This is because, thanks to their special design features and unique technical solutions, Holder system vehicles can perform the most diverse range of tasks at the highest quality. The majority of applications can be performed at a level equal to that of a single-purpose vehicle. This is genuine multi-functionality.


Holder versus single purpose vehicles

  • lower procurement costs
  • lower operating costs
  • minimal servicing requirements
  • shorter down times
  • less space required
  • mimimal training needs
  • high resale value
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