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Max Holder GmbH


Setting the New Standard: The new Holder X 30 with the unique 2-brush-sweep-suction system and multifunctional bin.

15. October 2012

Holder presented its latest innovation, the 30 HP X 30 at the GaLaBau 2012 in Nürnberg/Germany: This multipurpose vehicle offers the most unique handling and working comfort in its class. This new system sets a new stand of high speed, innovative handling, and hydraulic power. The sweep suction system and the multipurpose stainless steel collector bin can be used to sweep-collect, cut-collect, or for irrigation.

"Development was focused on comfort, handling, versatility, job performance and strength,  in response to detailed customer surveys – similar to our successful C-series with 50 and 67 HP. Customers worldwide can look forward to working with an innovative and unique multipurpose vehicle with fully tailored equipment", says Matthias Bienert, Product Manager at Max Holder GmbH. The main goals in development were efficiency, cost-effectiveness and environmental consciousness. All these attributes are summed up in one definition: Holder Green-Efficient-Technology (Holder G.E.T.).

The Holder X 30 platform uses 20 percent less fuel than the previous model (V130), and has a top speed of 27 km/h. The intelligent, dynamic engine control system automatically matches load and speed, resulting in reduced noise and emissions while providing the perfect driving power for every incline. This system also provides the perfect platform for snow removal utilizing snow blowers, plows, front rotary brushes, and sanders.

With a hydraulic power flow rate of 20 to 58 l/min the Holder X 30 is best in its class, reaching maximum hydraulic flow at three quarter throttle. The gearless drivetrain and high performance cooling system guarantees low maintenance and durability. All steel components and hydraulic couplings are Zinc-Nickel coated for maximum corrosion protection.

The spacious, advanced equipment cabin sets new standards in comfort, easy handling and operational safety. Full size exit doors are located on each side of the vehicle and include a sliding window. The cabin can be optionally equipped with a pneumatic suspension seat with seat heating, and integrated air conditioning. The Holder joystick and the suspended multifunction arm rest allow the X 30 to be easily operated with only one hand.

The innovative sweep and collect system of the X 30 includes a flexible 2-brush system with individual brush control over a width of 600 mm, a hose diameter of 160 mm, a scavenge width of up to 2100 mm and a multipurpose stainless steel bin. This high flexibility guarantees the best cleaning results.

The sweeping system can be easily changed to a mower, so that the Holder X 30 is ready for lawn care. The long suction hose and high capacity bin guarantee long working intervals. Changing to other applications such as irrigation, flushing or high-pressure cleaning are easy. The fresh water tank is directly connected to the bin reservoir, thanks to the intelligent water filing system and the tank-in-tank concept.

Holder X 30 hitch system provides for a vast array of equipment options that are easily changed.