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Max Holder GmbH


Robust with easy operation: Holder presents the robust SX 1200 sweeper-suction machine

11. June 2017

The municipal vehicle manufacturer Holder is launching a robust and easy-to-operate sweeper-suction machine for the C series. The system combines the power and reach of a single-purpose vehicle with the advantages of a multi-functional implement carrier.

The suction nozzle coverage therefore offers a sweeping width of 1600 mm. The individual brush control with parallel shift allows for the efficient sweeping of corners and parking spaces, as well as many other comparable potential applications. The automatic tracking when turning corners increases the area efficiency and, at the same time, increases the comfort and safety for the driver. Furthermore, a weed brush can be added to the system.

The hopper with a gross volume of 1200 litres and the 220 litre fresh water tank guarantee a wide reach. The intelligent water recirculation system ensures that the circulating water in the dirt tank flows back into the dirty water tank and is transferred into the suction hose for dust binding. The integrated high-pressure cleaner with automatic hose reel can be used to clean the vehicle or difficult-to-reach objects.

Thanks to the versatile potential applications of the carrier vehicle in ground care, winter maintenance and for transport tasks, it also offers a high level of cost-effectiveness.