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Holder in viticulture and horticulture

Efficient and comfortable: Holder system vehicles

No incline too steep, no path too narrow: Articulated Holder system vehicles, with 65 to 129 HP and an ideal combination of manoeuvrability, soil protection and permanent all-wheel drive, facilitate extremely efficient working – while providing maximum comfort and impressive safety. Holder vehicles offer multi-functionality at the highest level and, thanks to the versatility and quality of the Holder system, prove their unbeatable competence in viticulture and horticulture.

Strengths of the Holder system vehicles

  • Additional mounting area for barrels up to 1000 litre capacity
  • Excellent visibility of front implement
  • Very high hydraulic power with up to 120 l/min
  • Stepless driving
  • Extreme vehicle payload of more than 2300 kg possible
  • Less pollution from air induction in the rear zone of the vehicle
  • Ergonomic workplace in panoramic cabin

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