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Sweeper-Suction Combination SX2 for the Holder MUVO

Short description

    Sustainable and powerful sweeping.

    The compact and powerful SX2 sweeping and suction machine for the Holder MUVO provides perfect results on a wide variety of surfaces.

    Fast and manoeuvrable: This vehicle can reach a high transportation speed of up to 50 km/h and, thanks to its narrow vehicle width of just 132 cm, can even be used in narrow, historic alleys and parks. Its all-wheel steering provides manoeuvrability, ensuring high working efficiency. The small tyres also mean this sweeper-suction combination is suitable for underground car parks and parking garages.

    Practical and highly configurable: The SX2 sweeper can be equipped with a two or three-brush system and offers a sweeping width of 2.0 m or 2.5 m respectively. The centrally aligned suction line ensures the swept material can be safely removed into the hopper. Water spray nozzles prevent greater dust formation. The manually deployable suction hose allows hard-to-access areas to be cleaned, while the hopper is easy to empty into communal containers thanks to its hydraulic tipping device.

    Sustainable: The Holder MUVO already complies with the stricter new German emission standard for communal vehicles. In addition, the SX2 sweeper-suction combination has been certified for fine particulate emissions through the PM10 test as part of the EUnited certification.

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