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Sweeper-suction Combination KS 1200 / KS 1600 for the Holder B-, C- and S-series

Short description

    The sweeper with added value

    The sweeper-suction combinations KS 1200 (for the B- and C-series) impresses with its modern, award-winning design and intelligent functions. It combines the performance and reach of a single-purpose vehicle with the advantages of a multi-functional implement carrier. It produces minimal fine particulate emissions, for which the KS 1200 received the best award in the PM10 test as part of the EUnited certification.

    Thanks to its ease of access, the suction hose running down the side of the vehicle can be used as fully integrated manual suction. The design also means that the suction hose can be checked and cleaned much more easily. The asymmetrical sweeping brush and the aerodynamically optimised suction mouth provide excellent cleaning results.

    The hopper is made of high-performance stainless steel and has a gross volume of 1200 l. Combined with the smart water recirculation system, whereby the water remains in the container if tipping occurs, it ensures a long reach. The sweeping width is 1900 mm on the standard version and can be extended by a third brush. The slim design and manoeuvrable articulated steering mean that a wide range of surfaces can be swept efficiently.

    As the vehicle is less than two metres high and has an exhaust opening on the rear section of the vehicle, it is also particularly ideal for cleaning multi-storey car parks and underground car parks. The KS 1200 has also been designed to be extremely quiet.

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