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Holder for municipal users

Benefits of the 2-broom system

Optimum sweeping result

  • Suction mouth covering is always ensured by the individual broom control and the collective swivelling of the brooms
  • This way, it is always possible to sweep curves, circular flower beds, corners etc. neatly at all times, even if the brooms are worn out
  • Parking spaces and narrow alleys can be swept out residue-free up to the wall (not possible with 3-broom system)

Less wear

  • Thanks to the adjustable broom relief and pivoting brooms, thesweeping width can be adjusted to the level of 3 brooms - hence, the wear is up to 33 % less than for 3-broom systems

Easy operation

  • 2 brooms are easier to operate than 3 brooms
  • Better view and more effective working because the suction mouth is in front of the cabin, e.g. tree branches are visible
  • Operation via joystick is self-explanatory and easy to learn
  • Also suitable for inexperienced or changing drivers