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Customized designs

People with impaired mobility

With the V 130 device carrier, Holder can present a concept that allows people with impaired mobility to operate the machine. People with impaired mobility are thus offered job prospects for municipal work, services and in gardening and landscape work.

Until now, the problems for these people began when trying to get into the cab, e.g. for those with hip problems, arthritis or those who were overweight. The articulated vehicle is equipped with an electric, remote-controlled seat that swivels and lifts and which can bear a load of up to 150 kg. It is therefore capable of lifting even heavier drivers into the cab without additional assistance. Having safely entered the vehicle, the driver can subsequently use the same method to exit. The remote controlled swivel/lift function can be adjusted to meet the needs of the user and the construction features of the appropriate vehicle exactly.

A  multifunctional manual operation level allows control of the following functions:

  • Driving and braking
  • Accelerating with locking option for journeys at constant speeds, e.g. when sweeping and mowing
  • Switching of the direction of travel
  • Actuation of the handbrake

Even those colleagues without any health problems can also operate the vehicle using the foot pedal.

The concept of the swivel/lift seat is designed in such a way that the assemblies can be passed to the next vehicle without any great effort. Thus the procurement costs are only incurred once and the refitting work does not reduce the resale value of the vehicle. Subsidies from health insurance companies and liability insurance associations are possible.