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Holder MUVO Cristal – CH 3000 HP

Short Description

    Cleaning hood

    • Front-mounted stainless steel cleaning hood, with two rotating spray arms (width of 1200 mm and side adjustment of ±550 mm for a total cleaning width of 2300 mm)
    • Optional washing bar fitted behind the hood
    • Optional dirty water extraction with high capacity (fresh water 1300 l / dirty water 800 l)

    Water tank

    • Robust aluminium tank
    • The large water capacity and the high water flow rate ensure an enormus operating range
    • High pressure combined with hot water guarantees that your work will produce perfect results, even on severe levels of debris 

    Hot water options

    • One or two stainless steel boilers enable an operating temperature of up to 90 °C to be reached
    • Anti-limescale system

    Manual operation options

    • Manual high-pressure stainless steel cleaning hood with three integrated rotating arms and a holder on the tank
    • 360° pivoting stainless steel hose holder, installed on the roof, incl. 12 m high-pressure hose 
    • Double-jez high-pressure lance with pressure regulation and holder