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Max Holder GmbH


Precision landing at Holder: sales increase according to plan in 2011

23. January 2012

Despite difficult sales conditions, the Max Holder GmbH continued along its path of growth in 2011 in its relevant markets. Both in terms of turnover and sales figures, the Metzingen-based company under the leadership of managing director Andreas Vorig was able to achieve the strived for growth. The start of 2012 also shows positive aspects for further business development.

The development in the municipal markets in 2011 was primarily characterised by tight budgets, so that many cities and municipalities were forced to implement cost-cutting measures. Viticulture also showed a hesitancy to make new acquisitions, as many vintners were confronted with harvest losses due to difficult weather conditions. 

Regardless of this, Holder has "managed a precision landing", in the words of Andreas Vorig: the planned turnover was reached exactly. It increased by 14 % from 28 to around 32 million Euros. 562 equipment carriers were sold – around 10 % more than in the previous year. According to present calculations, the positive order development will continue in the present year. An order backlog of three months secures production. The number of employees once again increased by 5 % to 144 in 2011.

The business year 2011 at Holder, according to managing director Vorig, was characterised by the opening up of new markets, among other factors. The number of international sales partners has clearly increased. Outside of Germany, Holder now has 45 sales partners in 22 countries (2010: 36 in 17 countries). In addition to the authorised dealers and importers, there is a comprehensive network of service partners. The sales network in Germany was stabilised and supplemented with additional strong dealers. In addition to this, new business areas were opened up, such as usage with municipal applications at airports or in winter sport regions for vehicles with power track moving.

The company strategy also involved the expansion of the product portfolio. Following the successful market launch of the C 250/270 implement-carriers in the previous year, the C 350/370 version with a two-man cabin in the same series followed in 2011. A service workshop was also set up in Metzingen to expand the service offering for customers and dealers, especially in the home area. Since last year there has been an online platform for dealers that makes the acquisition of spare parts even faster and easier.

As emphasised by Vorig, the shareholders Martin Haas, Dr. Carl-Heiner Schmid and Dr. Christoph Weiss continue to demonstrate an extremely high level of personal engagement three years after taking over the company. There is a continuing willingness to invest in new projects and further process optimisation at Max Holder GmbH. 

For 2012, the traditional Metzingen company has once again set ambitious goals for continuing along the path started on and ensuring the success of the company. In addition to the extensive expansion of international sales activities, the product portfolio is to be revised further, in order to continue to be able to also satisfy the requirements of the market in the future. Increasing efficiency in production is always an important theme, and should be achieved through continuous process optimisation. In order to ensure the familiar "Holder quality" in the framework of all these developments, renewed efforts will be made in 2012 to establish a comprehensive quality management system.