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15 spots, more than 700 visitors and innumerable highlights!

1. May 2011

This is the result of the Holder-Roadshow through Germany

First presentation of the Holder C-series in Czech Republic and Slovakia

20. April 2011

In April 2011 the company KIS plus organized a HOLDER day for the first presentation of the new C-series, which is the follower of the very successful Multipark-range, in the Czech Republic. Showcased was the vehicle type C 250...

Really to stretch...

8. April 2011

...had the expert of viniculture Heinz Kocher to discuss with the clown Pipo about the Holder F 560! The pair of clowns Pipo and Pipolino was one of the attractions of the spring event of the company Müller in Holzhausen. More...

Roadshow 2011 - Holder on Tour

7. March 2011

From 14th March to 15th April 2011 we would like to invite you to our Holder Roadshow in Germany. You will be able to experience the new C-series first hand or drive the tractor yourself at your Holderpartner. Visit us at the...

The last Multipark leaves the line - Space for the new C-series

23. February 2011

Since 1996 the Holder-Multipark-series has been produced. All in all about 6000 machines of the series were made. Now a 15-year-old success story comes to an end. Instead of clinging to the past, the company concentrates on the...