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Max Holder GmbH


New premium system for reflector post and verge mowing

06. May 2016

From now Holder, in cooperation with MULAG, a leading German manufacturer of high-tech products and special solutions for roadside maintenance, offers a new exclusive system: the combination of the compact and powerful implement carrier Holder S 990 (92 HP) which mows verges and around reflector posts in only one step.

The maintenance of the verges both on the right as well as on the left-hand side of the road is done by the verge mower MRM 300. The reflector post mower MLM 200, however, cuts around stationary objects such as guard rails, posts and traffic signs. This solution eliminates the need for hand trimming, spraying or manual cutting.

The S 990 works efficiently and quickly, ensuring an extremely good result – immaculately kept roads and paths. The hydrostatic drive enables stepless driving up to 40 km/hr, the articulated steering ensures manoeuvrability and perfect track retention. Due to its compact design and its total width of only 1.30 metres traffic is hardly impacted and not endangered at all. In addition, as with all Holder products, the implement carrier can be applied in a multifunction capacity. It is possible to switch to winter maintenance or sweeping with the respective attachments in just a few steps.