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C 70 SC / C 70 TC


Holder PowerDrive

Less fuel consumption, more power.

  • Thanks to the four 400 cm³ strong wheel motors, the PowerDrive has 40 % more towing power and 50 % more climbing capability than regular all-wheel drives.
  • In transport mode the torque of the wheel motors is halved and the rear axle deactivated to reach maximum driving speed at a much lower motor speed.
  • This leads to fuel savings in excess of 30 %.
  • Since switching between all-wheel and two-wheel drive as well as between full and half wheel motor use can take place automatically at all times, the driver can focus fully on the application or the road.
  • Including four-wheel brake for more safety

The most important benefits:

  • Better climbing capability
  • More towing power
  • Huge driving and working comfort
  • Reduced engine noise and fuel consumption in transport mode
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