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Heatweed weed control

The Heatweed system can tackles weeds effectively, economically and in a way which protects the environment. The machine sprays almost boiling water onto the weeds. The hot water goes right down into the plant, the above-ground section and the tap root die. After a few treatments, the plant dies because the tap root is exhausted. The system uses surface water and can be used in urban areas without noise and dust problems. 

The system is sensor-controlled, meaning that the spray is only operational in locations in which weeds actually grow. This means that no hot water and no energy is wasted. The system sprays at a low pressure meaning that joints remain undamaged. Even sensitive road surfaces are not subjected to wear through this type of weed control. After treatment, the remains of the plants remain flat on the road and are simply trodden in. With normal care, cleaning-up work is no longer necessary. 

Heatweed can also be used in other scenarios apart from dealing with weeds. For example, it can be used to clean headstones, to combat algae and moss and to clean sculptures and road signs.