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Max Holder GmbH


Max Holder GmbH presents new premium partner programme

08. May 2016

As a manufacturer of multifunctional system vehicles, Holder offers ideal complete solutions for the day-today operation and also for the special challenges of its customers. Since these system solutions require perfect interaction between vehicle and attachments, Holder has been collaborating with many attachment manufacturers for many years. In order to guarantee long-term well-matched and technically sound system solutions, Holder is focusing on selected attachments from premium partnerships.

Due to the diversity of applications as well as the increasing number of attachment manufacturers, Holder now concentrates on the collaboration with selected premium partners. The close collaboration with the attachment manufacturers is very important because in doing so Holder can ensure an even better matching of the attachments to the vehicles and so offer technically sound system solutions.

The attachment portfolio of our premium partners covers multifunctional applications from the sectors of winter maintenance, mowing and grounds care as well as sweeping and cleansing. Our first premium partners are Fiedler for the sectors water technology and winter maintenance, GMR for mowing and grounds care and WAVE for weed control. In addition, Holder has been successful in entering a premium partnership for winter maintenance applications with the following companies Kahlbacher, KIF (KIF (Kommunaltechnik-, Instandsetzungs-, Fertigungs-GmbH) and Kugelmann Machinery.

If the customer requests it, Holder can also carry out evaluations of attachments for other manufacturers, in order to ensure the maximum performance and safety of the system solutions.