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Max Holder GmbH


Making cycling routes winterproof

28. November 2018

More and more people cycle all year round. Some people want to do something for their fitness, others want to contribute to environment protection, and yet others cycle for practical reasons. According to the Federal Statistical Office at least 81 percent of households in Germany have at least one bicycle. There are 53,700 kilometres of cycling routes along the main and regional roads alone. The network of bike paths everywhere in the country continues to be expanded. There are increasingly higher requirements on the safety. The cycling routes should also be free of snow and ice in winter, i.e. remain "black". This demands sound and efficient technology. The trend is heading towards processing bike paths with powerful, narrow-track vehicles with front sweeper roller and a brine spray system or roller spreader. A high payload allows long periods of use, meaning frequent transport journeys are avoided. Max Holder offers the most innovative technology in this regard and the appropriate solutions for special local requirements.