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Max Holder GmbH


Made in Germany

Our commitment to producing our products in Germany helps us guarantee Holder quality – all over the world and 365 days a year.

Made in Germany, used worldwide

Today, Holder multi-functional implement carriers are used on 6 continents, 365 days a year – and they were developed and made in Reutlingen, Swabia. Our commitment to producing our products in Germany is a keystone of our business philosophy – and a promise to our customers. The guarantee for the proverbial quality of every Holder product? Our expert employees, high-quality components and certified and optimised production processes.

At the core of Holder's state-of-the-art production is our new single-line assembly, on which all vehicle types are built across different series. This guarantees high flexibility for order management and allows us to react dynamically to the demands of our customers and the market. At the same time, the concept of lean production is implemented across the whole organisation and is replicated and practised company-wide by our shop floor management team, guaranteeing a high level of transparency and efficiency in all business areas.

It is with high quality, Swabian diligence, technical excellence and a palpable innovative advantage, that we bring our vehicles from the "province" to the roads of the world, every day.