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Max Holder GmbH


Landside and airside: HOLDER in airport operation throughout the year

11. October 2011

Holder implement-carriers are traditionally to be found in operation throughout the year – in towns and municipalities and with local service providers. They appear to have been made-to-measure for airport cleaning, maintenance and clearance work. Holder implement-carriers are already being used successfully at international airports such as Zürich, Frankfurt and Leipzig. Among other tasks they ensure paths are kept clean and free of obstructions, enabling passengers to be safely transferred between car park and terminal.


The robust vehicles with their tried and tested technology for winter and summer service alike are used airside for cleaning and clearing aprons. On the landside, they are to be found on access roads, car parks, taxi stands and all other airport areas. Especially in the winter season they render useful service in reliably clearing snow of every description, up to and including de-icing. 


Only one vehicle is required for all applications. Because thanks to the three attachment points, a single Holder implement-carrier can be equipped in the summer with mower, mulcher, sweeper and cargo bed and in the winter optionally with snowplough, snow cutter, sweeping roller and gritter. Swapping attachments is so easy that it can be performed by a single individual without any tools.


Holder offers a diverse product range of vehicles with power outputs of between 27 and 92 hp of different sizes, excavating capacity and tyre variants. That means that every customer can put together his very own individual Holder, tailored to the specific practical need. Moreover, the constant ongoing development of the vehicles ensures a level of quality that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of performance, safety and comfort. 


All Holder vehicles have one thing in common: they feature articulated-frame steering and are designed as a narrow-track vehicle. Ideal for the tight confines at airport. Be it a baggage trolley, tanker vehicle, water truck, cargo load or passenger stairs: no aircraft-related equipment is an obstacle for Holder implement-carriers. Small and manoeuvrable vehicles are also in demand for mowing around the runway lights and sweeping car parks.


About Max Holder GmbH


Max holder GmbH is a famous manufacturer of multi-purpose, articulated implement-carriers for municipal uses and for viticulture. Whether it is lawn care, street cleaning, transportation, earth moving, winter services or any of a number of specialised uses – customers in many countries rely on the Holder system. This long-established company, founded in 1888 and based in Metzingen, offers carefully crafted complete solutions and services from a single source: multifunctional carriers – for sale or lease – with compatible attachments and other equipment, as well as customised services.