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Max Holder GmbH


Innovative airport vehicles: multi-purpose implement-carriers from HOLDER

11. October 2011

In October 2011 at inter airport Europe in Munich, Max Holder GmbH will be exhibiting multi-purpose implement-carriers in the power range from 50 to 92 hp with the completely revamped C-Series and tried and tested S 990. Holder vehicles are allrounders for all year round use thanks to their combination of quality, versatility, manoevrability and comfort: for sweeping, mowing, clearing snow and transportation.


The articulated-frame steering invented by Holder offers useful benefits in practical use: absolute directional stability, even when cornering, the best turning manoeuvrability and a minimal turning circle. Together with the permanent four-wheel drive, the four equally sized wheels and the Holder wheel-load balance, the result is very high pulling and pushing power, the best traction and minimum surface impact. At continuously variable transport speeds of up to 40 km/h (~ 25 mph), approach and transport routes present no problem. Moreover, the individually appropriate driving regime is available for each type of usage.


The C-Series: Top notch comfort and dimensions


Whether with a one-man or two-man cabin, the sprung axles of this implement-carrier generation provide a completely new driving comfort previously only associated with larger vehicles. Vibrations and bumps are absorbed, reducing the strain on the vehicle and above all on the driver. Moreover, the driver benefits from the comfortable and ergonomically designed cabin, mounted on silent blocks.


In the case of the one-man cabin version, the overall height can be varied. With a minimum vehicle height of just under two metres, that means that the vehicle can also be driven through underpasses and used for cleaning jobs in underground or multi-storey car parks. Depending on the tyres used, the C 250 and C 270 types feature a total external width of as little as 110 cm, enabling the vehicles to negotiate narrow paths and confined spaces without difficulty. The C 350 / C 370 two-seater version features a full size second seat so that the passenger can remain seated while the vehicle is performing a task or else carry out additional manual tasks while the machinery is in operation. 


The attachments can be changed at all three positions by one single person and without tools. In addition the hydraulically tilting cab and swivelling hydraulic and fuel tanks of the new municipal vehicle are especially convenient. The cab's right-hand door is designed as a service hatch and emergency exit, enabling direct access to the windscreen wiper reservoir, filter and electrics. Moreover, all the routine service work can be performed with attachments mounted. 


The S 990: When the going gets tougher


With its 92 hp, an outer width of as little as 124 cm and ability to lift loads of up to 2700 kg, the S 990 is the most powerful narrow-track vehicle amongst the municipal tool carriers. That makes it the ideal vehicle for shifting snow at the airport. But thanks to its high-performance power hydraulics of up to 120 l/min and its three attachment points, it makes light work of all its other winter and summer duties as well. The S 990 guarantees extensive coverage and high payloads, enabling it to work for long periods in the toughest operating conditions.


The S 990 also features two different drive concepts. At speeds of 26 km/h and more, the Dual Drive switches from hydrostatic to mechanical drive. This drive optimisation automatically reduces fuel consumption and road noise.


The generously-dimensioned, ergonomic cabin is a comfortable place for all-day work, all year round. The operator has an unobstructed view of all the attachments from the cab. The height-adjustable steering wheel, a variable seat position as well as outstanding legroom make for a working day with minimum fatigue. All functions can be quickly and precisely operated via the clearly arranged film keyboard and the freely programmable joystick.