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Max Holder GmbH


Innovation as a programme

Impressive technology and progressive development since 1888. Learn all about Holder's innovative power.

Carving the way for groundbreaking innovations, with Swabian ingenuity and engineering.

Since 1888, Holder represents inspiring technology and excellent development – with its beginnings in fruit orchard, expanding into the fields, Holder vehicles/tractors can nowadays be found in muncipalities all over the world. Founded by the brothers Christian Friedrich and Martin Holder, the company has been thriving on the German engineering spirit for 130 years and continues to impress with pioneering innovations.

Milestones in our company history include: the production of the world’s first self-propelled backpack sprayer in 1898, the development of the first universally applicable single-axle tractor in 1930 and the first ever functional mini-diesel engine in 1950. The latter – our compact, reliable and powerful "Holder Diesel" - is still considered a prime example of the highest engineering performance and can be visited in the German Museum of Technology in Munich. We further developed the world's first narrow-body tractors A 10 with articulated steering, permanent four-wheel drive and four wheels of equal size in 1954.

In the last ten years, Holder's innovative strength has contributed to a real boost in new developments. The introduction of the C series in 2010 heralded the comprehensive overhaul of our product line, with our latest highlight being the introduction of the super-compact Holder X 45 in 2018. Since 2010 alone, Holder has been awarded five patents and has applied for a further four. Many of our development projects are supported by funding programmes. At their heart are topics such as electrification/alternative drives – in particular the EU HybridDrive project – dynamic drive systems for articulated multi-functional tractors, and the innovative Holder PowerDrive. This in-house development meant that in 2015, Holder was the category winner in "Drive & Fluid Technology" and was awarded the prestigious "Industriepreis" (industry prize), renowned far beyond industry borders. Close cooperation with system partners, for example Bosch, Hydac and Reutlingen University, facilitates knowledge transfer and constantly provides us with new input and ideas for our development work. Whatever the future of municipal applications looks like, Holder will be there, shaping it.