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Max Holder GmbH


Holder RENT - a raving success

03. February 2011

Since autumn 2010 Holder breaks new grounds with its rental concept "Holder RENT". The therefore established company Holder Rent leases Holder vehicles with high grade attachments for all activities on buildings, sidewalks and streets. Already a short time after the publication of the new concept the request was enormously high. Communes, especially communities and urban construction companies from Baden-Württemberg, equipped themselves for the early and hard winter. Amongst others the Holder C 245 with mounted spreader and snow shield, which is preferred by the customers, attended for this. The leasers use the service of an average of three to four months. This space of time is not only for the handling of upcoming work, but also for the optimal test and the first-hand experience of the Holders forwards a buying decision. Customers can hardly expect the leasing of the new C-series, whose series production briefly starts.