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Max Holder GmbH


Holder relocates to Reutlingen

25. April 2017

The die is cast – Max Holder GmbH's search for new company premises is over. It will move to its new home in the inter-municipal economic district of Reutlingen-Nord/Kirchentellinsfurt in 2018.

The need to move came about because the lease for the current location in Metzingen expires in September 2018. Storopack – who now own the site – urgently needs more space for expansion. Holder is likewise bursting at the seams at its current site in Max-Holder-Str. This is why Holder made the decision back at the end of 2015 to initiate a project to find a new site. After weighing up all the existing options, the shareholders and management team finally decided on Reutlingen.

Max Holder GmbH has been firmly rooted in the region and in Metzingen in particular for over a hundred years. The Swabian company has experienced both highs and lows over its 129-year history. Since Holder was taken over by a group of Swabian entrepreneurs in 2008, it has constantly been improving. For example, the workforce has grown from 90 employees to 270 – around 200 of whom work in the headquarters in Metzingen. The company is set to continue its success story in the future in Reutlingen.

"By fortunate coincidence, an existing property became free in the inter-municipal economic district of Reutlingen-Nord/Kirchentellinsfurt which has the dimensions and space available which correspond exactly to Holder's requirements for production and logistics. In addition, the hall is available from 1st January 2018," explained Christian Mayer, Technical Director at Holder since 2016. This means that we only need to construct a new building for the non-production-related areas of the company, for example some of the indirect departments, the workshop and the customer centre. An area of land covering up to 30,000 m² which borders the existing property is available for this. Holder will buy some of this land from the City of Reutlingen.

The company is therefore in an extremely good position to implement the move to the inter-municipal economic district of Reutlingen-Nord/Kirchentellinsfurt in individual steps which are very simple to plan. In addition, this means that the overall costs and the resulting follow-up costs are significantly reduced compared with building everything from scratch.

"The decision to move Holder away from Metzingen was not an easy one. However, taking into consideration all the circumstances, the current building situation in Reutlingen made it by far the best solution. Because of its geographical proximity, we are also hoping to be able to retain all our employees," concluded Andreas Vorig, Chairman of the Board of Management at Holder since 2009.

Alexander Kreher, Financial and Economic Mayor of the City of Reutlingen, warmly welcomes the decision made by Holder and is delighted that a renowned manufacturer of multifunctional systems is moving to Reutlingen: "The industrial district of Mahden is an ideal location for the current workforce due to its transport connections and good accessibility. In addition, the companies in the Mahden district have access to additional land which can be used to ensure long-term company growth. Bringing nearly 200 employees with it, Holder will make an excellent addition to the company structure in this shared economic area. Holder's relocation means that the inter-municipal commercial district of Reutlingen-Nord/Kirchentellinsfurt can continue its success story. The total area, covering approximately 25 hectares, is home to 30 companies employing around 1000 staff. We are proud that Max Holder GmbH has decided on Reutlingen and that it will therefore be contributing to the continued city-wide growth of jobs in Reutlingen."

Photo 1:
At the official announcement of the relocation: (from left to right) Mr. Andreas Vorig Chairman of the Board of Management), Mr. Christian Mayer (Technical Director), Herr Alexander Kreher (Financial and Economic Mayor of the City of Reutlingen), Mr. Bernd Haug (Mayor of Kirchentellinsfurt), Mr. Berthold Negwer (Interim Chief Officer for Economy and Real Estate of the City of Reutlingen).

Photo 2:
Press conference at the new premises on April 25th, 2017.

Photo 3:
Current Holder model with Heatweed attachment for non-chemical weed control in front of the new premises with view at the Swabian Alb.

Photo 4:
Mr. Vorig already flies the flag at the new premises in Reutlingen.