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Max Holder GmbH


Holder presents two new sweeper-suction machines for their multi-functional implement carriers

11. June 2017

Effective sweeping from solid to innovative

Good sweepers have until now predominantly been single-purpose vehicles; the attached solutions were often unable to compete with the specialists. The municipal vehicle manufacturer Holder is now setting completely new standards with two new sweeping/suction combinations for the relieable Holder C series. Together, you have two machines that combine the power and reach of a single-purpose vehicle with the advantages of a multi-functional implement carrier. In contrast, the look could not be more different: The new KS 1200 impresses with its modern, award-winning design and intelligent functions. The robust SX 1200 stands out in particular thanks to its ease of use, allowing efficient sweeping.

KS 1200: Sweeping with added value

The KS 1200 sweeper-suction machine comes with many innovative functions that make the driver's working life much easier. The suction hose running down the side of the vehicle will therefore be of significant advantage – the ease of accessibility means that it can be used as fully integrated manual suction system. The design also means that the suction hose can be checked and cleaned much more easily. The asymmetrical sweeping brush and the aerodynamically optimised suction nozzle provide excellent cleaning results.

The hopper is made of high-performance stainless steel and has a gross volume of 1200 litres. Combined with the smart water recirculation system, whereby the water remains in the container if tipping occurs, it ensures a high reach. The sweeping width is 1900 mm in the standard version and can be extended by a third brush.

Its slim design and agile articulated steering enable narrow pavements and park paths, large car parks and entire residential and industrial areas to be swept efficiently. As it is less than two metres high and has an exhaust opening in the rear section of the vehicle, it is also particularly ideal for cleaning multi-storey car parks and underground car parks. The KS 1200 has also been designed to be extremely quiet.

Here too, the Holder System is consistently designed to be multifunctional – the sweeper-suction combination can be converted into a full-sized mowing-suction combination in under five minutes and without changing the container. A high-pressure washer for cleaning the vehicle or difficult-to-reach objects is also integrated.

SX 1200: Robust sweeping yet easy to use

With the SX 1200, Holder is launching a robust and easy-to-operate sweeping and suction machine. Here too, the power and reach matches that of a single-purpose vehicle. The suction nozzle coverage therefore offers a sweeping width of 1600 mm. The individual brush control with parallel shift allows for the efficient sweeping of corners and parking spaces, as well as many other comparable potential applications. The automatic tracking when turning corners increases the area efficiency and, at the same time, increases the comfort and safety for the driver. Furthermore, a weed brush can be added to the system.

The hopper with a gross volume of 1200 litres and the 220 litre fresh water tank guarantee a wide reach. The intelligent water recirculation system ensures that the circulating water in the dirt tank flows back into the dirty water tank and is moved into the suction hose for dust binding. The integrated high-pressure washer with automatic hose reel can be used to clean the vehicle or difficult-to-reach objects.

The versatile potential applications of the carrier vehicle, whether for ground care, winter maintenance or for transport tasks, round off this multifunctional offering.

Two sweepers for all tasks

With the KS 1200 and the SX 1200, Holder is meeting the high demands placed on effective sweepers. Whether innovative and highly functional or robust with easy operation – you have a choice without losing out on the performance quality. The option to retrofit for other fields of work is an important economic advantage that comes with both units.