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Holder presents new municipal vehicles B 55 and C 55

New products in the compact articulated machine class

11. March 2019

With the revised European emissions legislation, Holder is introducing some new additions to the Holder C series in the spring of 2019. The B 250 and C 250 tractors are being replaced by the new B 55 and C 55 models respectively. These new vehicles come equipped with a 55 HP Stage V diesel engine, which already complies with the future emission standards. These new models still have the high quality features and capabilities that have made Holder a trusted favourite with operators for years. These include articulated steering, comfortable cabs, wheel load compensation, hydrostatic all-wheel drive and standardised mounting interfaces.

Multifunctional Holder C 55 implement carrier

Some of the specifications for these new models include a top speed of 40 km/h, an overall height of 2 m and a total outer width of 1.17 m. Like its predecessor, the B 55 is the entry-level model to the compact class with a payload of approximately 1,500 kg. The C 55 can support up to 1,800 kg and comes equipped with the mechanical front PTO shaft.

Performance, reliability, and multifunctional capabilities are all immensely important factors at Holder. Holder tractors can quickly and easily be retrofitted with multi-season, multi-purpose attachments, from winter maintenance, to summer gardening and sweeping applications. Municipal and commercial users can rely on the B 55 and C 55 models to tackle their maintenance, landscaping, and property management challenges year-round.

Other models currently in the Holder C series include the C 65 and the C 70. Both are available with single or twin cab options and both have a 65 HP diesel engine that complies with the Stage V exhaust emissions requirements. The C 70 also has the PowerDrive, which provides more thrust and traction in extreme situations.