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Max Holder GmbH


Holder PowerDrive awarded the Industry Prize 2015

15. April 2015

The renowned German Industry Prize is well known throughout and beyond the industry circles and focuses not only on the big players in the market but most of all on the medium-sized businesses as well as family owned companies. A top-class independent jury made up of numerous professors, industry experts, trade journalists and scientists evaluates the applications in 14 categories according to economic, social, technology and ecology factors. Max Holder GmbH is pleased to announce that the newly developed traction drive Holder PowerDrive has been awarded the winning place in the category of "Drive and Fluid Technology".

Holder PowerDrive is an innovation with which the pioneer of articulated steering sets new standards in terms of dynamics and efficiency. The system provides significantly more pull and thrust while also reducing fuel consumption and noise level. The core of the PowerDrive is made up of four strong wheel motors, a valve block for control of the hydraulic flow and a smart driving electronic system that switches automatically between driving programmes.

Due to stronger wheel motors, the PowerDrive has 40 % more towing power than its predecessor. The climbing capability is even 50 % higher. Whenever the work requires it, the wheel motor torque can be adjusted. Thus the vehicle will even climb steep slopes in working mode and runs in the most efficient driving programme in heavy duty applications. In transport mode, the torque of the wheel motors is halved and the rear axle deactivated to reach maximum speed at a much lower motor speed. This leads to fuel savings in excess of more than 20 %, as well as to a clearly noticeable reduction in noise.