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Max Holder GmbH


Holder is expanding its international sales structure

Change of Executive Board

18. June 2019

For years now, Max Holder GmbH has consistently pursued its growth strategy. Sales have almost doubled over the past eight years. While Holder has always been successful in the European markets, its activities in non-European markets are increasing constantly and have become a steadily growing share of Holder's total revenue. In North America, Holder runs national companies in both Canada and the USA by now. Further, a variety of major projects outside Europe and North America has been handled.

In order to provide sufficient management capacity for this development and for the underlying strategic direction of the company, the shareholders, together with the executive board, have decided to strengthen the international sales structure. Specifically, this means that previous Holder CEO Andreas Vorig will now focus even more intensively and with total responsibility on all non-European business activities and major projects.  That includes the position of the president for the local Holder subsidiaries in the USA and Canada.

In order to be able to fulfil adequately the tasks arising from this, Andreas Vorig retired from the executive management of Max Holder GmbH as of June 1st 2019 and handed over the chairmanship of the board to Christian Mayer. Christian Mayer has been with Holder for 10 years, most recently as CTO. With Thorsten Jäger as CFO, who joined Holder in March 2019 and brings with him many years of experience in the financial and management sector of medium-sized companies, the management is completed. Sales in Germany and Europe have been given to three experienced sales managers, who are supposed to secure and expand the market share. Andreas Vorig will continue to accompany actively the future and orientation of Holder in the Holder Advisory Board.

“I have already spent a large part of my time at Holder in sales activities abroad. Now I am looking forward to being able to focus on future-oriented global projects of both content and sales", says Andreas Vorig. "With the new structure, I am convinced that Holder is very well positioned to achieve its long-term growth targets."