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Holder implement carrier with Heatweed weed control

A perfect duo

11. March 2019

Holder’s implement carriers are known for their versatility and efficiency. The sensor series from Heatweed for non-chemical weed control ideally complements their numerous applications and is optimally incorporated in the Holder attachment portfolio.

Heatweed’s, internationally patented, sensor-controlled hot water technology is the most efficient and effective solution on the market for sustainable and environmentally friendly weed control. The system detects weeds with a sensor, sprays hot water on the individual plants and omits areas without weeds. This ensures extremely low water and fuel consumption, as well as minimal exhaust emissions.

Thanks to the active temperature control (ATR), hot water targets the root of the plant at a constant temperature just below boiling (98-99°C). This system is the ultimate in effective weed control. The energy that is released kills the plant’s cell structure in a tenth of a second, as a result of which the plant self-destructs and the root dies.

Compared to other technologies, the sensor technology offers unparalleled area performance. Based on customer experience, Holder tractors equipped with the Heatweed application can maintain up to 17,000 and 35,000 m² every day, or approximately 420 hectares (and roughly three rounds of treatment) per season. Its high coverage capacity makes the Sensor series ideal for towns and cities with over 20,000 inhabitants. It is also optimal for large service companies.

Many of Holder’s all-purpose municipal vehicles, including the C series models and the Holder MUVO, are compatible with the Heatweed Sensor series. The manoeuvrable articulated machines of the C series boast 55 to 65 HP, a top speed of 40 km/h and a payload of 1,800 kg. In contrast, the MUVO from the transporter class and its four-wheel steering, offers a larger operating range with an output of 109 HP, a maximum speed of 60 km/h and a payload of 2,800 kg. Once the weed season has ended, the multifunctional implement carriers can be easily retrofitted with a variety of attachments for landscape maintenance, cleaning roads and paths or even winter maintenance.