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Max Holder GmbH


Holder completes wide range of sweeping machines

Cleaning solutions for all series

08. May 2019

The German municipal vehicle manufacturer Holder has completed its portfolio of sweeper machines, offering exclusive and high-quality sweeping solutions for all vehicles from 45 HP to 130 HP.

Combined sweeping and suction KS 1200 / KS 1600 for the Holder B-,C- and S-series

Most recently, the Holder S-series has received an update with a combined sweeping and suction attachment, the KS 1600. The sweeping-suction combination KS 1600, developed by Holders premium partner Kugelmann, impresses as an equivalent to the award-winning KS 1200 sweeper-suction combination for the smaller C-series with its modern, award-winning design and intelligent features.

Thanks to its ease of access the suction hose running down the side of the vehicle operates as a fully integrated manual suction, too. The asymmetrical sweeping brush and the aerodynamically optimised suction mouth provide excellent cleaning results. With the recently added third broom, functioning as a weed brush as well, a wide range of surfaces can be swept/cleaned efficiently. As with the X-Series, simply by exchanging the sweeping unit for a mowing attachment, the combined mowing and suction application is ready for operation without changing the container.

The combined sweeping and suction attachment for the bestselling Holder C-series, the SX 1200 sets a clear focus on robustness and ease of use. The performance and operating distance equals the (service) of single-purpose vehicles/sweepers. Thus, the sweeping width adds up to 1,600 mm with the suction mouth coverage. Further, the individual brush control and parallel shift allows efficient sweeping of various application areas, such as corners and parking spaces.

Whether innovative and highly functional or robust with simple operation, in the entry-level segment or in the heavy-duty sector – Holder provides it all and much more, while retaining highest quality performance. Neither of the Holder product series, nor the transport specialist MUVO will compromise any of the typical Holder advantages, such as compactness, manoeuvrability and working comfort. The possibility of changing the attachments for further applications at the highest level, whether in winter maintenance, lawn care or transport tasks complete the products range of the traditional manufacturer.