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Max Holder GmbH


HOLDER C-series: New generation of multi-purpose tool carriers - now available with 2-man cab

26. June 2011

As recently as at last year's GaLaBau trade show in Nuremberg, Max Holder GmbH presented its new generation of multi-purpose tool carriers, which are the successors to the popular Multipark series. Two single-seated, multi-functional vehicle types, the C 250 and C 270, were exhibited, boasting many improvements and new features which enhance the proven Holder system even further. At this year's Demopark exhibition in Eisenach, Holder is presenting the C 350 and C 370 types – the two-seated variants of the series that provide a full and complete second seat as a distinct feature. According to Andreas Vorig, managing director of Max Holder GmbH in Metzingen, "The new tool car-riers of the C-series, with a power range from 50 to 67 HP, are very modern yet robust vehicles that are suitable for a multitude of applications. This type of vehicle has so far not been available on the market".

The advantages of the C-series

Whether with a one-man cab or two-man cab, the suspended axles of this tool carrier generation provide a smooth ride up to the maximum speed of 40 km/h that has so far only been associated with larger vehicles. Vibrations and bumps are absorbed, reducing the strain on driver and vehicle. During long shifts, the driver also benefits from the comfortable cab that is mounted on silent blocks.

Thanks to the flexible Holder mounting system, the total height of the 
1-man cab variant of the multi-purpose tool carrier can be adapted upon customer request. With small wheels and a flat top, the vehicle height can be re-duced to just below two meters, allowing the vehicle to drive through underpasses or perform cleaning work in underground garages. With the cab mounted in an elevated position, larger wheels can be fitted for enhanced traction, ground clearance and climbing performance. 

Depending on the tyres used, the C 250 and C 270 types feature total widths starting from 110 cm, allowing the vehicles to negotiate narrow gates, doors and paths. Starting at 132 cm, the two-seated variants, C 350 and C 370, are a little wider, offering a smoother ride and more comfort to the driver. Furthermore, the passenger or second operator may remain seated in the cab while the work is being performed and does not need to exit the cab before the work can commence, as is the case with vehicles from other manufacturers. 

Easy to service and use  

In addition to the rear power lift, the vehicles of the new C-series are equipped with a front power lift that can be moved in three dimensions. So, not only can attachments be lifted and lowered, but also perfectly adjusted to any slopes or inclines in the work site topography. They can even be adjusted laterally. Both power lifts have a capacity of 1100 kg. The attachments can be changed at all three positions by one person and without tools. The cab of the new municipal vehicle tilts hydraulically and the hydraulic fluid and fuel tanks can be swung to the side without using tools. 
The versatility and economic efficiency of the tool carriers made in Metzingen pay off during all sea-sons: e.g. when sweeping and cleaning, when mowing or greenkeeping and also when clearing snow in winter. The machines are also suitable for many other uses, e.g. on airport grounds and runways, in two-mode operation on rails and roads or on cross-country skiing trails.

Successful roadshow across Germany

Hands-on experience is the key to successfully pro-moting Holder vehicles. The roadshow across Ger-many conducted this spring to launch the new C-series was a very special event. The response of the many visitors to the new C-series was positive with-out exception. The design of these new models re-flects customer requirements and is based on the experience gained in the past. These inputs have been consistently implemented in all development stages leading up to production.

"Service and maintenance" was a topic that attracted great and enthusiastic interest. New customers as well as dyed-in-the-wool Holder drivers and operators were surprised by the tool-less opening of the vehicle rear end. Test drivers appreciated the integrated axle suspension and the manoeuvrability in tight corners or when negotiating obstacles. The newly developed cab turned out to be the new series' greatest highlight. Optimal visibility of the attachments, a high level of operating convenience, the adjustable multifunctional arm rest, the advantageous seating position and the optimal arrangement of the controls are just a few of the new C-series' many pluses.