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Max Holder GmbH


SDS drive systems

With its combination of two drive systems, the patented Special Drive System (SDS) offers the driver the highest level of driving comfort while working.

Two driving systems in one

The patented Special Drive System (SDS) for work mode allows the user to choose between the classic Holder driving program (constant drive with speed control via rotary potentiometer) or control via the foot throttle as is common in the self-propelled wide area mowers.

In the SDS program the power take-off speed is set to the setpoint using a manual accelerator, whilst the driving speed is controlled by actuating the driving pedal. This means that there is an individually suitable driving level available for each deployment - according to the driving philosophy and preferences.

Holder vehicles equipped with the system have a total of three to four driving levels. One for automotive driving between 0 to 40 km/h, one work programme with a digital-electronically-controlled constant speed and the SDS programme (also available on the C 70 and the S series: A driving mode for regulated steady travel).

In all driving levels, the travel direction can be changed using a toggle switch. A differential lock of up to 100% can be applied to both axes and can be set to any level using a toggle switch. The effect of the standard Holder properties (articulated steering, four-wheel drive, four equally-sized wheels and wheel load compensation) remain unchanged, thus helping the operator to cope with difficult driving situations.

Overview of the key advantages of the SDS control system

  • Speed control via a foot pedal at a constant engine speed
  • No need for the driver to readjust (e.g. large-area mowers)
  • Reduced risk of accidents while working, especially for inexperienced drivers