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Max Holder GmbH


Holder PowerDrive

The award-winning Holder PowerDrive brings innovation to life and sets new standards with regard to dynamics and efficiency.

Lower fuel consumption. More power.

Holder PowerDrive is an award-winning innovative drive with which Holder sets new standards in terms of dynamics and efficiency. The system provides significantly more pull and thrust while also reducing fuel consumption and noise level.  

The core of the PowerDrive is made up of four strong wheel motors, a newly developed valve block for control of the hydraulic flow and a smart driving electronic system that switches automatically between all-wheel mode and two-wheel mode depending on the driving situation.

The result is an extremely dynamic driving experience with impressive acceleration from zero. Holder PowerDrive thus brings decisive benefits to the everyday work of service providers and municipal users. At the same time, it is more environmentally friendly.

Drive train of the Holder PowerDrive
Drive train of the Holder PowerDrive

Stronger wheel motors

Thanks to the four 400 cm³ strong wheel motors, the PowerDrive has 40 % more towing power and 50 % more climbing capability than regular all-wheel drives. It will always start at maximum power from zero in all-wheel mode, which is beneficial specifically on gradients. Additionally, all vehicles with PowerDrive are at the same time equipped with a 4-wheel brake to ensure safety on steep slopes.


Reduction of engine speed

In transport mode, the torque of the wheel motors is halved and the rear axle deactivated to reach maximum speed at a much lower motor speed. This leads to fuel savings in excess of 10 %, as well as to a clearly noticeable reduction in noise. Whenever the work requires it, the drive switches between all-wheel and two-wheel mode. If required, the wheel motor torque is adjusted as well. Thus the carrier will climb steep slopes without any manual switching and run in the most effi cient driving programme even in heavy duty applications.

Automatic switching

Since switching between all-wheel and two-wheel drive as well as between full and half wheel motor use can take place automatically at all times, the driver can focus fully on the application or the road. When working, the driver can also control his speed at consistent PTO shaft speed via the pedal with the SDS drive.

The most important benefits of the Holder PowerDrive:

  • 40 % more towing power and
  • 50 % more climbing capability
  • Increased driving and work comfort
  • Reduced engine noise level and up to 30 % reduction in fuel consumption during transportation
  • Ensured safetly with a 4-wheel brake

The innovative drive is available as standard in the Holder C 70.

Industry Prize 2015

 With their new type of Holder PowerDrive drive, Max Holder GmbH has yet again proven their innovative strength and, in 2015, was awarded the Industry Prize as the category leader in the category "Drive & Fluid Technology": Alongside the major protagonists, the Industry Prize primarily focuses on medium-sized and family-run businesses and is well-known far beyond the boundaries of the industry. A top-class independent jury made up of numerous professors, industry experts, trade journalists and scientists evaluates the applications in 14 categories according to economic, social, technology and ecology factors. Max Holder GmbH is pleased to announce that the newly developed traction drive Holder PowerDrive has been awarded the winning place in the category of “Drive and Fluid Technology”.

Certificate Industry Prize 2015