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Holder HybridDrive

With the development of the world's first multi-functional hybrid municipal vehicle, we are moving into the next generation of Holder and shaping the future of municipal applications.

Holder HybridDrive. Flexible drive technology for the future

Globally, municipal vehicles are still almost exclusively powered by diesel engines, which are increasingly affected by regulations concerning NOx emissions and particulate matter pollution. Consequently, clean and sustainable solutions are needed in order to meet legal requirements and improve air quality without having to compromise performance. Holder is currently working on a response to the problem: The world‘s first multi-functional hybrid municipal vehicle. Besides a significant reduction of particulate matter and greenhouse gas emissions, cities and communities will profit from our quiet engine with a considerable decrease in noise pollution.

Funding from the European Union

The HybridDrive, its development and marketing is supported by an EU funding programm.

"The project leading to this application has received funding form the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 829319"

Through our cooperation partners ,namely Bosch, Hydac, Max Wild, Deutz as well as the University of Stuttgart we benefit tremendously from our transfer of knowledge. This creates new incentives and a continuous development of our project.

Electromobility in the City of Reutlingen

On 18th of March 2019 a press conference regarding electromobility was held in Reutlingen. Participants including the technical operating service Reutlingen, FairNetz and FairEnergie discussed and presented recent and future projects concerning electromobility.

Further, the current electrified fleet of the city Reutlingen was presented. Holder, as a cooperation partner in this project, demonstrated the experimental vehicle X 45e.

For the future, a research project funded by the federal government between Holder and the city of Reutlingen is being considered.

Our motivation: innovation for the future. Since 1888.

Since 1888, Holder represents inspiring technology and excellent development – with its beginnings in fruit orchard, expanding into the fields, Holder vehicles/tractors can nowadays be found in muncipalities all over the world. Founded by the brothers Christian Friedrich and Martin Holder, the company has been thriving on the German engineering spirit for 130 years and continues to impress with pioneering innovations.

Milestones in our company history include: the production of the world’s first self-propelled backpack sprayer in 1898, the development of the first universally applicable single-axle tractor in 1930 and the first ever functional mini-diesel engine in 1950. The latter – our compact, reliable and powerful "Holder Diesel" - is still considered a prime example of the highest engineering performance and can be visited in the German Museum of Technology in Munich. We further developed the world's first narrow-body tractors A 10 with articulated steering, permanent four-wheel drive and four wheels of equal size in 1954.

Over the past decade, Holder's innovative capacity has brought a real boost to innovation. By introducing the C-Series in 2010, an overall renewal of our product range has started. The X45i as our latest addition to our product portfolio already provides the first answer to environmental issues such as particulate matter pollution with its petrol engine.

Almost 70 years after the invention of the Holder diesel we are confronted with completely new challenges, which we are ready to face. However the future of municipal applications will look like, Holder will actively shape it!