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Holder: Simply outstanding!

When it comes to quality, we do not make any compromises at Holder. Meeting the strictest requirements in terms of products, services and processes is what makes Holder successful and secures the best possible customer satisfaction. Indeed, Max Holder GmbH has already received many awards and certifications for various divisions of the company.

MX Award 2016 for Holder as best SME

Max Holder GmbH was presented with the renowned Manufacturing Excellence Award (MX Award) as the Best SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) in November 2016. The maxim of the MX Award is: "Recognising Strengths – Setting Standards". The award has been presented in Germany since 2005 and is a prestigious benchmark competition for best practices in the production industry. According to the distinguished jury, comprising both academics and industry experts, the key factors were Holder's company-wide stringency in terms of shopfloor management, as well as excellent product innovations that helped the company achieve a successful turnaround following three insolvencies in the past. You can find more information on the MX Award 2016 here

Industry Prize 2015 for the Holder PowerDrive

In 2015, Max Holder GmbH received the Industry Prize 2015 in the category "Drive & Fluid Technology" for the newly developed Holder PowerDrive. Holder was therefore once again able to demonstrate its innovative capacity and set new standards in terms of dynamic performance and efficiency with this award-winning drive. Alongside the major protagonists, the Industry Prize awarded by Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH primarily focuses on medium-sized and family-run businesses and is well-known far beyond the boundaries of the industry. An independent jury, comprising various professors, industry experts, trade journalists and scientists, assesses the applications in 14 categories based on their economic, social, technological and ecological benefits. You can find more information on Industry Prize 2015 here

EUnited certification: PM10 test labels for suction-sweepers

The PM10 test of EUnited has been the European standard for assessing the fine particulate performance of road sweepers for years. It employs a uniform test procedure to determine fine particulate emissions during sweeping operations. The Holder X 30 with suction-sweeper received the best award during the PM10 test and was given three stars within the scope of the EUnited certification in 2014. That same year, the suction-sweeper SX2 for the Holder MUVO followed suit. In 2017, the suction-sweeper KS 1200 for the Holder C-series joined the ranks of top-grade certified suction-sweepers. The actual values recorded with all three systems were far below the fine particulate limits stipulated for the three-star PM10 test label. This demonstrates their excellent environmental friendliness and their ability to efficiently support the local authorities in their battle to improve air quality.

Partner in the Best Practice Network of STAUFEN.AG

As "Best Practice Partner" to corporate consultancy STAUFEN.AG, Holder regularly opens its doors for individual benchmark visits, as well as practical seminars and workshops for the general public – thereby allowing visitors to experience efficient lean management practices for themselves first-hand.

Chamber of industry & commerce training organisation 2013/2014, 2015/2016, 2017/2018 and 2018/2019

Max Holder GmbH is a training organisation certified by the Reutlingen Chamber of Industry & Commerce and recognised in accordance with the Vocational Education and Training Act (BBiG) that offers young people outstanding career prospects with its training programme.

AEO certification

In the course of growing globalisation and changes in the international security situation, it became necessary for customs authorities to establish framework conditions for modern and effective risk management. Among other things, the introduction of Authorised Economic Operators (AEOs) represents a significant element of the EU's security concept. Max Holder GmbH has been an Authorised Economic Operator since 2012. It ranks as particularly reliable and trustworthy and therefore enjoys special advantages within the scope of customs clearance.

Certification to ISO 9001:2015

As per the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2015, the EQ certificate – European Institute for the Certification of Management Systems and Human Resources – held by Max Holder GmbH and Holder Rental & Sales GmbH certifies that a quality management strategy has been introduced and applied for development, manufacturing, sale and rental of municipal vehicles and special tractors, while also demonstrating that quality is the key focus at Holder and always determines the thoughts and actions across all departments and processes of the company. Compliance with the strict requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 is monitored each year through an external audit, as well as numerous internal audits performed throughout the year.