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Max Holder GmbH


Solutions with a future. Since 1888.

From the machinery workshop founded in 1888 to an international manufacturer of multi-functional municipal and viticulture vehicles: Discover the Holder success story.

The Holder success story - since 1888.



Brothers Christian Friedrich and Martin Holder found a machinery workshop and magnet factory in the town of Urach.



 C.F. Holder invents the first automatic Holder knapsack sprayer for crop spraying.



The company moves to Metzingen, occupying the buildings and sites formerly used by Braun.



The company is one of the first in the Erms valley with over 100 employees and exports nearly a third of its production output abroad.



C.F. Holder and his son Max present the first universal single-axle tractor.



The Holder Diesel stuns international experts as the first functional small diesel engine.



The age of the four-wheeled loader begins with the first narrow-track tractors with rear-wheel drive (B 10), simplifying numerous agricultural tasks.



Max Holder develops the first narrow-track tractor with articulated steering, permanent all-wheel drive and four equal sized wheels, designed for high-demand viticulture work.



Mechanisation forges ahead in the municipal sector and Holder reacts to the changes with its first municipal tractor – the P 50.



The C 500 – the ancestor of all other Holder system vehicles – is launched. For the first time, the cab is at the front and, as well as benefitting from the usual advantages of articulated multi-functional tractors, it has active wheel load compensation and an automatic drive system.



Cross-flow technology is introduced in the crop protection sector.



The integrated system (IS) becomes a pioneering concept in the field of crop protection technology, for protecting users and the environment.



Holder introduces the pioneering Multipark series with a hydrostatic drive.



In the world of crop protection, the inventions of QVS cross-flow fans, QU tangential fans and TU trailed axial fans all contribute to environmental protection.



With three new shareholders from Baden-Württemberg, Holder shows it wants to regain its former strength.



A new generation of multi-functional implement carriers is introduced: The C series follows the highly successful Multipark series.



Holder celebrates its 125th anniversary at the Holder factory site in Metzingen.



Holder expands its range of vehicles to include a powerful, compact municipal vehicle – Holder's MUVO model – and wins the German Industry Prize for the PowerDrive drive concept.



Holder acquires its new head office in Reutlingen and celebrates its 130th anniversary.



Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG integrates the Max Holder group in its group of companies.