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Max Holder GmbH


Compact, agile machine for clean places, car parks and underground parking facilities

Multifunctional tool carrier Holder X 30 proves its worth at the Freiburg real estate service provider in year-round use.

21. November 2014

Freiburg, November 2014 – For seven years, Björn Buchholz has been managing his caretaking company in Freiburg, Immobilienbetreuung Björn Buchholz (IBB). The company supports residential facilities as well as industrial property and assumes all required work from building cleaning to outdoor cleaning to technical support and winter service. The company places a high value on sustainable and environmentally compatible work according to the example of the "Green City" of Freiburg. Environmentally compatible cleaning agents and refilling bags are used, and the machines must also have the best possible ecological balance. In the transfer time, when only little dirt arises, the smaller handheld machines are often sufficient. Whenever "coarse dirt" arises, IBB uses the multifunctional Holder X 30 with articulated steering. The combination machine cleans walkways, parking places, car parks and underground parking garages and replaces many individual devices that way. It is used for snow clearing in winter, sweeping and extracting foliage in autumn and often also to remove garbage in summer. "There's so much garbage," reports Björn Buchholz. "There's a lot lying around, particularly on parking places before shopping centres or in the underground parking, and the X 30 sucks it all up, even the PET bottles."

"There's a lot lying around, particularly on parking places before shopping centres or in the underground parking, and the X 30 sucks it all up, even the PET bottles."

Björn Buchholz

Holder X 30

Small Turning Circle and Narrow Build

The articulated steering and resulting very small turning circle, as well as the generally narrow build, permit diverse use of the X 30. This way, it can also process small and narrow areas. "The machine can be set wide in front for sweeping, but you can also make the brooms quite narrow, and this is important, particularly in the town. There's a building wall or fence on one side and cars on the other. You have to get through there, and it's only one metre wide," explains Buchholz. Narrow walkways, building entrances or underground parking decks can be cleaned easily. Pre-set hydraulic programmes, an air-conditioned cabin and operation by joystick make work much easier again. "In underground parking garages with two or three underground levels, with almost 10,000 sqm on each, I am clearly at an advantage when I can drive in with that kind of machine and am done within 1.5 hours," says the operator.

Trend Towards Environmentally Compatible Machines

The X 30's filter system is another important prerequisite for use in underground parking garages or factory halls. With its help, dusts that are hazardous to health up to particle size PM10 can be swept up. "Underground parking garages usually have smoke detectors that trip once dust is swirled up," says Björn Buchholz. "The X 30 holds water that binds dirt and thus filters out dust." Wet filtering, which prevents dust clouds, and the bio oil the implement is operated with make the Holder X 30 a kind of pioneer in terms of sustainability. Municipalities also have increasing requirements for this: vehicles must reduce emissions. Oils and wear parts must become more environmentally compatible. These are some of the important reasons for Buchholz to purchase the X 30 for his company. "It consumes less as compared to the predecessor model – the lubricants are bio-degradable and the filter system does not draw a dust cloud behind it."

Demands for Caretaker Services Increase

At the same time, the customer's demands for a caretaker service are increasing as well. "The caretaker's profession does not require any great training, but it does require many further trainings from all areas of technology and cleaning, selection and use of machines. For example, if you want to perform a basic cleaning of a stone floor, and you use the wrong pad, you'll break it and it will forever show a pretty sunburst pattern," says Buchholz. Siegfried Saladin from Reiko Reinigungs- und Kommunalmaschinen GmbH, who sells Holder machines in the three-county area, also emphasises the importance of employee trainings. He makes sure to stay up-to-date, among others in the Holder training centre, also offering certified further trainings for many different areas, e.g. on the subject of safety. "The specialist companies are increasingly being used again. People have a claim and want to have things done right. They pay for this, and the caretaker service must make sure of this. If the owners notice that this is impossible with cheap caretaker services, they will switch. Two or three years ago, we had a downright boom towards cheap providers. This has changed. The established companies have recovered many of their objects." Björn Buchholz is also certain: a caretaker service might save money "if they only use a broom and a cardboard box. But at the least when the first legal claims arrive because someone has fallen due to wet foliage or snow in winter, the owner will think twice about which caretaker he wants to employ in future. Then he will use a caretaker service where he can be sure that the walkway is cleaned and spread at 7 AM. Sooner or later, professional companies will be predominant."

"But at the least when the first legal claims arrive [...], the owner will think twice about which caretaker he wants to employ in future. Sooner or later, professional companies will be predominant."

Björn Buchholz

Where Will Which Machine Pay Off?

Staff training and the purchase of modern devices for sustainable cleaning are cost factors that some services do without. For Björn Buchholz and his company, however, the economic balance is very good, not least due to happy customers. "The Holder X 30 wasn't the cheapest," the entrepreneur remembers. "But it's a working implement you use to earn money with. In winter service, it saves me at least five workers." IBB also does its rounds through town in ways that cover as much of the area to be cleaned as possible. "When we pass a section and see that there's something to be done, we do it. If nothing is to be done in summer, we don't do it. In autumn we'll just do a bit more. Then we drive past a building twice per week," says Buchholz. For a good environmental and economic balance, the best implements for the area of application must be chosen as well. "With the right application, I will earn money. If I only have three metres of walkway, I'd rather use a hand sweeper, while the large one will be more flexible and faster on large areas."