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Spare parts

When maintaining regularly you can enjoy your Holder for a long time. Insist on original spare parts, because only then we can guarantee that their quality is perfect up to the last bolt and that your Holder therefore will remain an original. This way your Holder will stay ready for action as it was on the first day even after several years.

Important information on the move of our spare parts storage from Metzingen to Karlsruhe

We are providing our customers with spare parts from our new logistics centre in Karlsruhe starting from 23rd July, 2018. Please address your questions concerning your spare parts requirements directly to your Holder dealer or workshop in charge starting from now.

The relocation of all spare parts from Metzingen to Karlsruhe might take some time, that’s why some restrictions concerning the availability of parts might temporarily occur in the months of July and August.

Thank you for your understanding and your patience!

Your Max Holder GmbH

Are you looking for spare parts for your Holder oldtimer? Please contact our oldtimer experts directly:

Phone: +49 7121 930729-218 or
E-mail: ersatzteile@dont-want-spam.max-holder.com

For sprayers in the area of cultivation, viniculture, fruit-growing as well as for gardening tools we don’t have spare parts anymore, as these divisions have already been completely liquidated for years.