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Max Holder GmbH


2,750 bar at 130 HP – Blasting paint and rubber away with the Holder Stripe Hog®

10. October 2017

In cooperation with Waterblasting Technologies (Stuart, United States), Holder (Metzingen, Germany) offers an extremely powerful high-pressure cleaning system. With water pressure of more than 2750 bar (40,000 psi) the system called Holder Stripe Hog® cleans and removes road markings in only one operation with the least amount of impact to the surface. Furthermore, it is possible to gently remove rubber. This means that beyond airports and road authorities, the Holder Stripe Hog® is also of big interest to municipalities and service providers.

Mounted to the new Holder S-series, in addition to its high performance the system is characterized by compact dimensions and great manoeuvrability. This makes it suitable for airports, especially near the gates, or for use in narrow streets and squares within cities. With this combination – extreme power in a most compact dimension – and with the number one waterblasting removal system in the world the Holder Stripe Hog® can be considered as unique on the market. Above that, the flexible system is also adequate for multifunctional applications just the same as all Holder solutions. With the respective attachments, it can be switched to winter maintenance operation, sweeping or grounds care in just a few steps.

Technical data Holder Stripe Hog®

  • Engine Power: 100 | 115 | 130 HP 
  • Total height: 2233 mm 
  • Total width: 1400 mm 
  • Turning circle inside: 1974 mm 
  • Maximum speed: 40 km/h 
  • Water pressure: 2753 bar